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How to install a WeebPal theme for Drupal developers

If you're an experienced Drupal developer or if you want to build the theme from zero with only the basic appearance of your theme ((e.g. New Shopping), find this guide in handy.

1. Install Drupal

1. Go to Drupal download page and download the latest version of Drupal 7.

Download Drupal 7

2. Extract and copy Drupal folder to your host and rename the directory (e.g: newshopping)

Follow steps below to install a Drupal site only:

3. Access to database and create a new database with a name such as newshopping.

Install theme package

4. Open browser and navigate to your website.

5. Select Standard => click Save and continue button.

Install theme package

6. Choose language => click Save and continue button.

Install Drupal 7

7. Enter database parameters => click Save and continue button.

Install Drupal 7

8. Enter site information => click Save and continue button.

Install Drupal 7

9. Click Visit your new site and you will have a new site.

You can refer the guide from to delve more details about drupal installation.

2. Install New Shopping Theme Only

  1. Extract New Shopping theme .ZIP file:
  2. Move this theme into your Drupal folder (newshopping of part 1. Install Drupal): sites/all/themes

    Download Drupal 7

  3. Navigate to Appearance > Choose Enable and set default New Shopping theme

    Download Drupal 7

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